Terms & Conditions:-

1.Multiple ID not allowed .
2.After Singup Applicant has to transfer funds to the admin bitcoin address then admin will upgrade his id .
3. Currency will use only Bitcoin.
4. Member should not have any unpaid referral otherwise his all the payout will be freeze until the upgrade of all referrals.
5. If your sponsored member would upgrade his ID before you then your package can't be upgrade less that his package.
Ex. if your sponsored member upgrade his package with $200 so in that case you can't upgrade your id below $200. it has to be equal or above $200
6. All types of payments will be paid automatically (NO NEED TO MAKE WITHDRAWL) .
7. 2% ROI upto 150 Days
8. Applicant can upgrade his Id Anytime from lower to higher packages.
9. To get Level income participant must have 5 direct referrals OR his own Id must be $500 or above.